Event Details

The 2022 AGM will be held at 2:15pm before the start of the November monthly meeting.

This month’s topic is “Off the Record: Album Art” with our guest speaker Rupert Dickens

In addition, after the main speaker our member Doug King will lead a discussion of our memories of Queen Elizabeth II.
Doug served The Queen for 5 years as a senior member of the Royal Household between 2007 and 2012

Off the Record – Album Art

Some of the most iconic images of the 20th century were created, not for galleries or private patrons, but for record sleeves. The zebra crossing immortalised on the cover of the Beatles’ Abbey Road is the site of a pilgrimage for people travelling thousands of miles to recreate this famous scene. Album covers have been produced by Andy Warhol, Peter Blake, Richard Hamilton and a host of lesser-known artists and designers. We will explore the art of the album cover and reveal the close connections between visual and musical creativity in this vibrant period of popular culture.

Speaker: Rupert Dickens is an art historian based in south-east London, with a special interest in European 16th and 17th and century painting. He is an accredited lecturer for the Arts Society and works at the Wallace Collection as a guide conducting public and private tours and lecturing on aspects of the collection. Rupert also accompanies groups on art-themed tours to the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy. He studied art history at Birkbeck College before undertaking a Masters in Dutch Golden Age Studies at University College London.