The Committee

Chorleywood u3a is a registered charity (No. 1153934). It is run by an elected committee for the benefit of its members, and is financed by membership subscriptions.

The committee meets regularly to manage Chorleywood u3a’s activities in accordance with a written constitution. It is supported in its work by the Third Age Trust, a national umbrella organisation for over a thousand u3as around the country. The committee has good links with other nearby u3as.

The chairman would be delighted to hear from members interested in serving on the committee and/or on the subcommittees and small teams which are formed to organise specific events.

If you have questions or suggestions about the running of Chorleywood u3a, there are several ways to bring them to the attention of the committee:

  • Contact a committee member. You could, for example, speak to one at a members’ monthly meeting.
  • Use the suggestion box available at the members’ monthly meetings.
  • Use the Contact Us page to send us an email.

Click on the + next to the committee member’s title to find out more about them.

David Griggs

Picture of David Griggs

David joined Chorleywood u3a in 2011, the year after it was formed, and has served on the committee since 2016, including a year as vice-chair in 2017. He has been chair since 2018.

He has especially valued the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy interest groups which include London walks, Strollers, jazz appreciation, wine appreciation and local history. He also organised our successful quiz teams which competed at county u3a events.

David adds: “Although my wife and I had already lived in Chorleywood for 15 years, the nature of my career (long hours and lots of travel) meant I had scant focus locally, and consequently on retirement knew very few people in the area. Our u3a enabled us to make many local friends, as well as providing opportunities to learn through group activities.”

Susan Williams

Picture of Katina

To follow

Mike Field

Mike Field

Mike joined Chorleywood u3a in 2010 when it started and, coincidentally, when he retired from Oxford University.  He served on the committee from 2013 until 2018 during which he also wrote the membership database and, later, the finance package for Chorleywood u3a.

Mike was Group Leader for the Digital Photography Group from 2010 until 2018 and Group Leader of the Computer Group (now called the Computer & Technology Group) since it started in 2010 until the present day. He was also a member of a bridge group, two walking groups, ping-pong pals as well as looking after the Audio-Visual requirements of Chorleywood u3a.  In 2020 he become a Third Aid Trust Volunteer and one of the six members of the Let’s Talk Tech group which advise other u3as on technical matters via a weekly zoom session.

His interests are varied and include photography, music, walking, quizzes and bridge. Mike can also be seen at many non-u3a events held in the Memorial as he runs the sound and video systems, including those for the Chorleywood Filmclub.

Mike and his wife have lived in Chorleywood since 1983 but due to having to travel to Oxford for the 25 years prior to 2010, it meant he only knew relatively few people in the area. Joining the u3a and taking part in its activities means that it is now a rare event to walk into the village without stopping to talk to friends and acquaintances.

David Carter

Picture of David
Membership Secretary, Coach Visits & Study Trips

Dave joined our u3a in 2019 straight after retiring from managing a R&D team in the adhesives industry and he came on the committee a few months later.

He belongs to the Striders, London walks, family history and Apple user groups, as well as helping organise coach visits to places of interest. He says:  “I keep intending to join other groups, but time just vanishes.”

Like many others, he values u3a for getting to know new people and feeling a part of where he lives. He says: “Although living in Chorleywood for more than 30 years, at the time of retiring I knew very little about the surrounding area and there were very few people that I knew and that was one of the prime reasons for me joining.

“Since joining, courtesy of the Strider walks I am now much more familiar with where I live and the outstanding natural beauty on our doorstep. I also find that it is now unusual for me to walk into the village without bumping into at least one person I have met through u3a, and having a short chat.

“This was exactly the outcome I was hoping for and I am really happy with how my membership has enabled this and helped me to learn new things.”

Mike Stansfield

Picture of Mike

Mike joined CW u3a in summer 2021 and then joined the committee at the AGM – “it was fast track”, he jokes.

He was soon getting involved by building our new website – with help, ideas and input from other u3a members, he stresses modestly – a huge undertaking. Unsurprisingly, he is not a member of any groups at the moment, although he expects that to change over time.

Meanwhile he says: “I enjoy the range of topics covered by the speakers at the monthly meetings and how they make each topic come to life.”

Gordon Pell

Picture of Katina
Committee Member

Gordon joined the Committee as a co-opted member in May 2023 having been in u3a since 2018. At the moment he is in Strollers and tai chi, and has recently joined the newly formed racketball group.

He has lived in and around Chorleywood for nearly 40 years.  For most of this time he commuted into London for a career in retail and private banking. Having recently retired from the Chalfont St Giles Show Committee he is looking forward to getting to know more about  u3a.

Nikki Scott

Picture of Gillian
Committee Member

Nikki joined the U3A in Chorleywood in 2019 just in time to enjoy a six week “Family History for Beginners course” before the COVID lockdown put a stop to in person meetings for a while.

Although she is still working part-time, she enjoys the monthly Family History group and joining other talks when time allows.

Judi Shoffren

Photo of Judi Shoffren
Committee Member

Judi was a primary school teacher for 30 years then a child counsellor for 20 years.

She moved to cedars village 2 years ago.

Judi belongs to a few u3a groups and feels it’s right to take some responsibility for Chorleywood u3a continuing so agreed to join the committee in May 2023.

Clare Morrison

Photo of Judi Shoffren
Committee Member, Newsletter

Clare joined the u3a after attending an open event at the Memorial Hall in 2022.  She was delighted to find a great Spanish group led by the inimitable John Hankin who taught himself Spanish, when in his eighties, so that he could lead and teach the group.  When a plea came out for someone to edit the newsletter, she took up the challenge having done this role for many varied departments in British Airways from the Environment, through IT, to Security and Finance. 

Having joined for the Spanish, Clare has since joined Line Dancing, Table Tennis, Striders and London Walks and looks forward to joining many more!

(*An asterisk indicates a co-opted committee member)