How do I?

Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions about our organisation.  These are arranged by topic and can be viewed by clicking on the grey boxes to expand. 

If you still other questions, please use the Contact Us pages to get in contact.

Joining Chorleywood u3a

Do I have to live in Chorleywood to join?

No, it’s not necessary to live in Chorleywood, but bear in mind that many of the activities happen there and in members’ homes.

I am on benefits do I have to pay?

Please talk to the Membership Secretary if you have difficulties paying the subscription.

Can I try out the general meeting or the groups to see if it is for me before I join?

Guests and visitors are welcome to our main meetings for strictly one-off tasters.  Please contact us via the general enquiries option on the Contact Us page to make the arrangements.

However, you must be a paid-up member to belong to any of the interest groups or take part in our activities (unless otherwise advised on an ad hoc basis).

Members of this or another u3a are welcome to try out one of our interest groups and join one of their meetings.  Please arrange this through the Group Coordinators who can be contacted via the Contact Us page.

Making the most of Chorleywood u3a

Finding and joining Interest Groups

Interest Groups are the lifeblood of our organisation.  Run by enthusiasts, not necessarily experts, leaders plan a programme of activities with their members and share responsibilities. We cover a wide variety of interests from technology to table tennis, from literature to line dancing.

You will find a list of the groups on the Groups Page from the main menu.  There is a short summary of each group also on the More About Interest Groups page.  Groups that have vacancies are shown with (V).

Another way is to look in the Calendar which shows all the group meetings, as well as events and trips.  Click on an event in the calendar will show you the details of the event, and you can then click a button to go to the page for the Interest Group to find out more.

Our monthly meetings are also a great way to hear what is going on with a chance to meet other u3a members.  Word of Mouth cannot be beaten!   Some groups and activities are also listed in our regular newsletters.

If you would like to try something not listed then contact our Groups Co-ordinators who will try to help.

What if a group I would like to join is full?

Contact the Group Coordinators if your chosen group is full. It maybe possible to open a new one.

Trips and Events

We regularly arrange trips offering an opportunity to visit new places and enjoy a day out with other u3a members.  There are also regular events including a monthly meeting with guest speakers.

Find out more on the Events page and make sure you come along to our monthly meeting.

I have mobility problems, do you arrange lifts to the meetings?

We can help  organise lifts to the general meetings on occasional basis, but generally rely on members

Using this website

Navigating the website

The quickest way to navigate to a page is using the Main Menu which is displayed across the top of all pages on the website underneath the top blue bar.  A small “v” dropdown symbol indicates that there are additional sub-menu items available.

To get back to the home page click on the Chorleywood u3a logo in the top left corner.

Throughout the website are buttons with green text and green border which will take you quickly to a topic.

Some text within a page is shown in green and underlined (like this) which indicates a hyperlink.  Clicking this will take you to the relevant page.

When using the calendar you can click on an event and the page for the event will be displayed.

Often photos and images can be clicked and will either expand to see full size, or in the case of the gallery will take you to the page which contains the image.  This is a good way to find out about Interest Groups.

There is also a search facility which you can get to using the Search menu option on the top right blue menu bar.

Registering and logging in

Members of Chorleywood u3a can register with the website and once approved will then be able to view additional information such as Newsletters on the Members Area, and also contact details for the Interest Group Leaders.

To register, use the Register menu option on the top blue menu bar, select a username and complete your details (email, first / last names).  When you submit your registration we will check that you are a member of Chorleywood u3a and then you will be emailed with details of how to access the website using your username.

Once registered and logged into the website, you can change your details using the Profile menu option on the top blue menu bar.

There are Forgot Password and Forgot Username options on the login page.

See also this PDF guide on how to register