Event Details

Date: 23rd October 2024

Speaker: Andy Strange

Topic: WW2 Airfields in the East of England

An overview and background to the Strategic Air War in WW2 and why East Anglia was selected for WW2 RAF and USAAF 8th Airforce bomber and fighter bases. Selected examples of airfields in Herts, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk are used with original WW2 photographs, drawings and maps to describe the layout and common components of an airfield. ‘Then and Now’ section showing how to spot from maps and satellite images the location of an airfield. An illustrated description of the types of aircraft that would have been found in East Anglia in WW2. A comparative Analysis of both the RAF Area Bombing by night and the USAAF bombing methods by day. Some stories of unusual events and the airman’s stories in their own words.

Speaker: Andy Strange’s special area of interest is the Air War during WW2 both by the RAF and the USAAF. He has visited many former airfields in East Anglia and carries out archive research into their history. His interest in WW2 has been a lifelong interest. His Uncle was a RAF fighter pilot and his Grandfather served in North Africa, Italy and Northern Europe with the 8th Army. Andy is as interested in ordinary people’s stories as much as the published ‘history’ of the conflict. He spent many years working in Broadcasting but is now semi-retired. He splits his time between Hertfordshire and Suffolk.