Event Details

Date: 25th September 2024

Speaker: Lucy Allen

Topic: Highs and Lows of a Stuntswoman’s Life

This talk is all about the thrills and spills of being a Stunt Performer. It is a personal story as Lucy explains her own backstory and how she got into this exciting profession, a profession that sometimes requires you to put your life on the line. It will describe what a stunt actually is and why stunt performers are such a vital part of the film and TV industry.

Speaker: Lucy Allen is a Stunt Woman and Public Speaker. She has been giving talks about her life as a Stuntwoman for 14 years. She likes to add a bit of drama and excitement into her talks and keep them as lively and interesting as possible. Lucy is a Full member of the Register of Stunt/Action Co-ordinators and performers, as such she is fully insured to perform and co-ordinate stunts in film and television. She lists her skills as High Falls, Wire Work, Scuba, Stair Falls, Jerk Backs, Fire, Snow skier. Skydiver, Aerial Circus skills, Motorbike & Car License and Rope Technician!