We met at 3pm on December 20th for our trip to Wisley Glow – the spectacular light show around the grounds.

We arrived an hour later and were fortunate to have found a dry evening in the midst of all the wet weather we were experiencing. We entered the grounds at 5pm when it was fully dark apart from the lights that showed the start of the tour. We followed the marked path through beautifully lit wooden groves, ornamental lights on grass and into the lit glasshouse which featured a laser and music show over the lake. The path then wound through rockeries up to a lit tunnel and the ornamental lake where fountains played to music with lights highlighting the  movement. The tour took about an hour to walk and ended next to the old house which was fully lit to maximum effect.

There was time for a hot chocolate in the cafe and a wander around the shop before the trip back home, arriving at 8.30. Everyone was taken by how well the gardens had been lit and how all ages from small children to the more mature were thoroughly enjoying themselves. We would recommend it to anyone next year

You will see below some pictures taken by Mike Field.

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