Groups Detailed List

Our Interest Groups

(V) indicates the group has vacancies, (W) that there is a waitlist.
(*) indicates there is a small charge towards hall hire costs to participate.  Unmarked groups may have small occasional costs towards refreshments etc.

  • Apple Users (W)
    The aim of the group is to share and learn about using Apple devices including iPhone/iPad/MacBook
  • Architecture
    This group is dedicated to furthering members’ interest in architecture and is currently seeking new members.
  • Art Appreciation – Art Seekers (V)
  • Art Appreciation – Caradene
    This programme combines presentations by individual members on topics of their choice with study evenings when we look at one artist or group of related artists.
  • Art Appreciation – Revelations (V)
    A friendly group with a mutual interest in art.
  • Art Appreciation – Small is Beautiful (V)
    Discuss the paintings of various artists.
  • Art Appreciation – Treasure Seekers
    “Treasure Seekers” is an art appreciation group that visits exhibitions mainly in London to improve their knowledge of art (artists and artwork).
  • Bridge for Novice Players (V)
    This group is for experienced bridge players
  • Computer and Technology (*), (V)
    This group looks at all things related to Windows Computers and Android Smartphones and Tablets, plus technology in general which is of interest to the group members. The Technology topics have included LED lighting, smart televisions and storing your record/CD collection on your computers etc.
  • Cryptic Crosswords (V)
    This group was formed with a view to teaching people new to cryptic crosswords how they work.
  • Family History (V)
    This group is for people who have already done some basic research and want to extend their knowledge of available sources.
  • Family History for Beginners (V)
    An intensive 6 week course for members wishing to research their family history. A great way to find out how to use the internet to discover who your ancestors were, where they lived and what they did – and maybe even uncover a scandal!
  • Folk Music Appreciation (V)
    This group is for people who like folk music. Members of the group take it in turns to tell the rest of a group about a particular artist and play some of their music.
  • French Conversation
    To give participants the chance to talk about a range of different topics and to help them to improve their standard of spoken French.
  • Garden Buddies (V)
    The aim of the group is to share the experiences of their gardening skills and enjoy public garden visits and demonstrations that we arrange with various garden centres
  • History (W)
    We are a lively group that pick History themes (eg 1890-1914 and India) and ask each member to present a topic from that theme using a Powerpoint presentation. The presenter learns so much in the research and the rest of the group learns a great deal during the presentation.
  • History is Fun (V)
    This is a new group. The inaugural meeting will be on January 26th 2024 at 2pm.
  • Investors Forum
    The objective is to provide a forum for members who are interested in current financial and economic trends and events
  • Jazz and Blues (V)
    This is a group for people who like jazz and blues and want the chance to listen to music and discuss it with other members of the group.
  • Latin
    The aim of this group is to become more fluent in Latin reading
  • Line Dancing (*), (V)
    Everyone is welcome! You don’t need any experience of line dancing. It’s a fun group with the emphasis on enjoyment and exercise
  • Literature and Poetry (V)
    We discuss various aspects of a variety of literature and poetry in detail in weekly group meetings, with a different topic each term.
  • Local History (V)
    We are an enthusiastic group, eager to discover more about the many and varied aspects of our local history. Our recent visits have shown us that there is a wealth of knowledge waiting to be revealed right on our own doorsteps.
  • Mah Jong
    We play an enjoyable, relaxed game of mahjong with usually up to three tables per session in a home environment.
  • Music & Opera Appreciation
    We are a friendly group with a shared love of music and opera.
  • Music History
    We study individual composers, in a rough chronology, and listen to their music. When relevant, we discuss a particular movement, historical period and development of instruments.
  • Patchwork and Quilting (*), (V)
    We aim to expand our experience of patchwork and quilting techniques in sharing our understanding to complete various agreed projects using sewing machines.
  • Philosophy (V)
    Monthly discussion covering ancient and modern philosophers and ethical dilemmas.
  • Pickleball (*), (V)
    This new game is a mixture between badminton and short tennis, playable indoors and out., with paddles and a polymer ball. We meet weekly on Friday afternoons.
  • Play Reading (V)
    We obtain scripts of plays and read them each member taking a part.
  • Political Discussion
    A monthly discussion on topical political events- national and international.
  • Racketball (*), (V)
    Racketball is an easy to pick up game, similar to squash but slower and less demanding. We hold twice-monthly sessions with breaks between games for relaxing and socialising.
  • Rummikub (V)
    Rummikub is a strategic tile-based game for two to four players.
  • Scrabble (V)
    We play scrabble in tables of 2, 3 or 4, depending on the numbers attending. It’s a fun, friendly afternoon with a bit of mental effort thrown in.
  • Shakespeare on Screen (W)
    The group is watching the complete series of 37 Shakespeare plays produced by the BBC between 1978 and 1985.
  • Social Psychology (V)
    This is a discussion group and we explore the ways in which social psychology is active in our everyday lives. We focus on a different topic each month.
  • Space and the Universe (V)
    If you would like to know more about our solar system and the wider universe, are interested in the technology of spaceflight, or are intrigued by the occasional space stories that appear in the news, this group is for you!
  • Spanish for Intermediates
    Study the language, customs and culture of Spain
  • Table Tennis (*), (V)
    We play a regular game of social table tennis which is gentle exercise plus lots of fun and laughter. We are a friendly group and most of us have returned to playing again after many years
  • Tai Qi Gong (TQC) (V)
    Classes for health, fitness and wellbeing. Tai Chi is the slow, gentle, flowing exercise that is also a defensive martial art.
  • Ukulele Improvers (V)
    Ukulele players who wish to improve their skills and techniques in a slightly more advanced group.
  • Ukuleles for Fun (V)
    Ukulele players who enjoy playing and singing well-known songs as part of a group
  • Uninhibited Stitch (V)
    The aim of this hand-sewing group is to share their experience and to learn new ideas and techniques from each other. The group welcomes anyone who is interested in sewing, from novice to experienced stitcher.
  • Walking – Amblers (Under 3 miles) (V)
    This group goes on local shorter walks – 3 miles or less – ending with lunch at a pub.
  • Walking – London Walks (V)
    We aim to discover new and old places of interest in our amazing Capital City
  • Walking – Long Walks (Striders) (V)
    The group walks in and around the Chilterns, with a full day outing and a pub lunch part way round the route. We organise two different types of walk each month: one is longer (up to 12 miles) and relatively strenuous; the other is shorter (up to 9 miles) and is less strenuous.
  • Walking – Walks with Pub Lunch (Strollers) (V)
    We walk about 5 miles and then have lunch in a pub (optional)
  • Weekenders (V)
    Weekenders is a group for people who are on their own. It can be very easy to fill your life Monday to Friday but weekends can be difficult. We have an organised event once a month which members of the group take it in turns to organise
  • Wine Appreciation 1
    We meet monthly to taste and learn about wines and to have fun.
  • Wine Appreciation 2
    The group meets monthly in a member’s house to taste wines and learn more about them, usually with one member selecting the wines and giving a presentation about them and often about the country and region where they are produced. It also visits local wineries and has a summer lunch event at a member’s house.